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Package inclusive of 

- Customisation on the back of 148 tiles

  • Include Flower & Animal tiles
  • Exclude Fei, Joker, Blank tiles

- Customisation print on Mahjong Case

- 3 Playing Dices

- 1 Wind Dice

- Free local courier (Within Singapore)

*Exclude Playing Chips


Drop us a Whatsapp text if you'd like to customize a design you don't see in our SHOP.


At CustoMy Mahjong, we specialize in the conceptualization and production of Fully customized, Mahjong Tiles, and Playing Chips.


Perfect as a personal treat or as a one of a kind gift for a friend or loved one, customization allows us to portray the recipient's hobbies, experiences and biggest loves to be eternally engraved onto the Mahjong Tiles and rediscovered every time our friends and family come over for a night of PONG PONG action!


Lead Time: 

The processing lead time includes creative conceptualizing, personalized designing, and quality production. 


The whole process lead time is approximately 1 - 1.5 month.

If you urgently need the item, let us know when you need it and we will access the possibility to expedite.


Gift Ideas:

Housewarming, birthday, wedding, special gift for yourself and your loved ones!


Terms and Conditions:


1) Pictures provided are only for illustration purposes. You can expect a very similar outlook but not an exact replication of what you see.


2) Please note that as the fabrication process for Customized Mahjong Tiles and Playing Chips are individualized and manual, please be lenient and understand that there might be some minor blemishes, scratches, engraving thickness differences in each tile, slight misalignment of the design and also might have color and size differences (approx 1mm+/-) in each Individual Tiles. Also as they are customised tiles, the alignment of the design on the front and back might not be fully centralised. As for the Customised Playing Chips (if you've ordered), please also understand that there might have light scratches and light ink smudges. We hope to have your understanding prior to the confirmation of the order.


3) Price is inclusive of local delivery to your doorstep (within Singapore), no self-collection option available.


4) Any enquiries, please check with us before placing order.


🀄️ View our Gallery to view more samples of our past works 🀄️



Manchester United Customised Mahjong Set

Frame 18.png


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