Frequently asked questions

Do you do engraving or UV printing (sticker)?

We only does engraving for now! We strongly don't recommend using UV printing (sticker) on the tiles. Engraving last forever as long as you don't use sharp object trying to peel off the ink from the tile. UV printing (sticker) peels off overtime if in touch with water (sweaty hands) or constant rubbing against the back of the tile. So, engraving is the best!

What is included in the package?

Basic Package includes customization on the back of 148 tiles, customized Mahjong Case & 4 Animal Tiles. Top up options available such as Fei/Jokers/Blank or other Customised Tiles. For more information, you may either whatsapp us to find out more or visit our Price page to see the detailed breakdown.

What are the different type of tiles and color options?

There are 3 different types of tiles option.
1) Solid Colored Tiles - Comes in White, Pink, Red, Black

2) Glitter Tiles - Comes in Gold, Pink, Green, Blue, Silver, Black, Red, Turquoise, Rose Gold, Copper, Brown, Lilac, Orange.

3) Full Black Solid Tiles - The back and the playing side of the tile is in Black

How to go about ordering?

First, let us know the theme you're interested to customize on the tile. We will do the proposal of the design.

Next, you choose one of the design out of the designs we proposed to you.

Then, we will photo-montage the design onto the tiles option for you to choose the tiles type and the color options.

Lastly, full payment is required before we start on the other designing component and production.

Can I order the design that wasn't shown on your website?

Yes, of course! Do whatsapp us to find out more. :)

How long does it take to receive my order?

The process lead time include creative conceptualising, personalised designing and quality production. The whole process lead time is approximately 1 - 1.5 month but usually less than that. Do let us know when you need the set by and we will access the complexity to advice the possibility to expedite the order.

Do you ship to countries other than singapore?

Yes, we do! However, overseas customers will have to bare for shipping charges. We highly recommend using DHL for delivery.

Find out more on the Shipping Rate here:

I'd like to place an order / enquiry!

Thanks for the interest in ordering! We will get in touch with you within 24 hours via Whatsapp.