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When it comes to luck and technique, which is the deciding factor?

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In the game of Mahjong, there are times when the highly skilled players failed miserably, and players who are less skilled could win big. The decisive factor of victory or defeat depending if its luck or technique skills has always had the winner and losers’ own views and debates. Therefore, below are the 5 aspects we could use to analyse what is the deciding factor when it comes to luck and technique skills.

(1) Firstly, the luck and technique skills are dialectic-ally unified and cannot be completely separated, and it has to be scientifically understood. Luck is the foundation with an objective but yet still has to work under the guidance of skills. Whereas technique skills are based on the initiative of humans and works under the basic condition of luck. Take for example, a player with good luck but without good skills, could still leads to a losing game even the player holds a good hand of tiles. Same goes to the player who have good technique skills but without good luck, will still lead to slim possibility of winning. Therefore, only with the combination of luck and technique skills, it’ll maximize the possibility of winning.

2) In the game of Mahjong , you need to understand the ratio of being lucky and being skilled. Both highly skilled players and lucky players will win and lose in their games, therefore , winning in a Mahjong game is not just about being lucky. Some may wonder between skilled and unskilled players, who wins more? Well the truth is , based on a survey of ten games played by skilled and unskilled player, the skilled player won four games, lost one and five games were tied, while the latter won one game , lost four , and five were tied. Based on the results of long term play in Mahjong, the chances of winning is co-related to skills. Which showed the ratio of luck to skills is 7:3. That said, lucky is not the only factor to determine the outcome.

(3) Being lucky in Mahjong game also has limitations. The ratio of skills to luck is 7:3. Good luck comes naturally, which is , in a Mahjong game between four players, the probability of getting good luck is only 25%. But we have to understand that getting good luck is accidental and unreliable, it is not an equal chance. Therefore, it is not realistic to place winning hopes entirely dependent on luck.

(4) Having good skills is essential, it is something that you can always use in a Mahjong game, although in order to win the game, there are some basis of luck as well. But you have to understand that applying skills in a Mahjong game is a subjective action, triggered by human reaction, whereby getting good luck is a fluke and it is impossible for everyone to get good cards for every game. Having good skills ensure that the player will be able to play properly under any circumstances, playing Mahjong skillfully can reverse the bad situation of lousy cards. Mahjong game is dependent on skills , not luck. Although sometimes , getting a wrong card can also result to winning a game. There are instances where a player have very poor basic cards but good skills, thus they utilized rigorous card control to prevent other players from winning. This situation is a tied game, whereby superb skills are used.

(5) The Mahjong game is in favor to the skillful player in long run, whereby the longer you play, the greater the effect. For unskilled players relying on luck, he/she is more likely to win in one game, but not over the long run, due to probability and number of games. Weakness is concealed in short game, but over the long run, it will be exposed.

For skilled Mahjong players, it is to their advantage if they're playing more rounds of Mahjong, due to the sheer number of games , whereby there are more opportunities to utilize techniques, which is the deciding factor to winning.

Observe during your next Mahjong game, who is the skillful one and who is the "lucky" ones.

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