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Mahjong-themed Tourism Destinations

Singapore Mahjong
Singapore Mahjong

Mahjong, a timeless game of strategy, skill, and social interaction, has transcended its origins as a traditional Chinese pastime to become a cultural phenomenon celebrated worldwide. In recent years, the allure of mahjong has extended beyond the confines of living rooms and community centers to inspire unique tourism destinations centered around this beloved game.

Imagine strolling through bustling streets adorned with vibrant red lanterns, the rhythmic clack of tiles echoing through the air, as you embark on a journey to explore mahjong-themed tourism destinations. 


The first mahjong themed tiles that comes to mind as you embark on an airline is the Singapore Airlines (SIA) limited edition mahjong set

First launched in 2020, SIA’s batik mahjong set was quickly sold out at SGD $338 that year. The following year, a green version of the batik mahjong set was sold at a higher price of SGD $388. Sporting unique designs such as a luggage as the ‘whiteboard’ tile and an aircraft taking off as the ‘Green Dragon Tile’, the tiles were quickly popularized through social media as well as news outlets.  


With the initial launch being a great success, SIA’s mahjong tiles has remained one of the memorable sets that continue to be produced yearly and can be purchased through krisshop online. For the avid collector, previous versions of the tile that were designed in a deep blue can also be found on resale sites such as Carousell. 

For those seeking a more cosmopolitan experience, the vibrant city of Singapore beckons with its bustling Chinatown district. Amidst the vibrant tapestry of cultural offerings, travelers can discover hidden gems such as mahjong-themed cafes and boutique hotels adorned with elegant motifs inspired by the game.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Mahjong
Hong Kong Mahjong

Where Mahjong is mentioned, one cannot avoid the quaint tea houses in Hong Kong. Driven by the iconic movies of the 90’s such as:

God of Gamblers’/赌神 featuring Chow Yun Fat 

or All’s Well, End’s Well 家有囍事 (1992) featuring Stephen Chow. 

Hong Kong has come to be the premier destination for Mahjong lovers as well as movie goers alike. The game of mahjong has also been used in scenes to choreograph tension and flashy fight scenes in Special ID/特殊身份 (2013) featuring Donnie Yen. With these memories of mahjong and Hong Kong, the game has evolved to be part of the country’s history, inseparable to the local culture and a highlight of locations.  

Occasionally, locals also hold exhibitions to showcase the elegance and beauty of mahjong and the cultures that have come to be intertwined with the game. 

In 2022, an exhibition titled “The Art of The Game : Behind Mahjong Tiles” had been on display at Temple Mall, the exhibition featured rare century-old mah-jong tiles hand-carved out of ox bones; Japanese bamboo-backed tiles dating back to the 1970s; and hand-carved sets from Hong Kong whose production has already ceased, alongside rare catalogues and books offering a multifaceted look into the art of the game.  

For adventurous individuals, this year in 2024, community groups in Hong Kong have gathered to provide masterclasses or beginner friendly meet-up and play sessions in May. Be sure to add these into your itinerary for a unique and customized experience!

China - Chengdu/Suzhou

China Mahjong
China Mahjong

Historically, mahjong was developed in Southern China during the Qing dynasty. The word “麻”  in “麻将” had meant “sparrow”, the term describes the sound of tiles clamouring and hitting against one another during the shuffle at the beginning of a game. 

Given its historical significance, certain cities such as Chengdu feature the game as a gathering activity and recreational tool. In fact, the game is enjoyed so much that Mahjong tables are found in tea houses or if the weather is hot, you may find people playing mahjong by the river banks/in the river.  

Though Chengdu was popularised by the 'river side mahjong' event due to news outlets posting relevant news in 2017, many other cities in China also incorporate Mahjong as part of life as well. For example, the same passion for the game can be found at Sichuan or Chong Qing. 

If the ambience and imagination of Mahjong interests you, you may also choose to visit the enchanting city of Suzhou, renowned for its classical gardens and tranquil waterways. Here, visitors can wander through labyrinthine lanes lined with ancient stone bridges, pausing to partake in spirited mahjong games at traditional teahouses nestled along the picturesque canals.

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Whether you're a seasoned mahjong aficionado or a curious traveler eager to explore new cultural experiences, mahjong-themed tourism destinations offer a captivating blend of tradition, hospitality, and camaraderie. 

Not mentioned above are many other countries that feature mahjong such as Japan (riichi mahjong), Taiwan and Malaysia. 

So pack your tiles and embark on a journey to discover the fascinating world of mahjong tourism destinations waiting to be explored.

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