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Different Types of Mahjong Sets (Material and Quality)

Mahjong Poker Chips
Mahjong Poker Chips

Mahjong sets can vary in terms of material, design, and size. But what are the options? 

To answer the question, this article will provide an in-depth explanation of all the different types of mahjong tiles so you remain informed on your next purchase at Customymahjong! Here are the main types you'll come across in order of quality from the expensive to the cheapest:

1. Custom Mahjong Tiles:

Custom mahjong tiles are the most expensive but the highest quality. These mahjong tiles are of the highest value that money can buy and for a few reasons:

  • Premium tile materials such as walnut wood, stone, engraved jade, suede or oak.

  • Material cost and processing to convert raw material into parts of the tiles equate to higher monetary costs. 

  • Handcrafted or Specialised production.

  • There are no factory presets that can replicate custom Mahjong tiles, most often, these require specialised craftsmen or suppliers that are well versed in design, material integration and quality construction of mahjong tiles.

  • Time  

  • Maintaining the authenticity of materials, quality of tiles, diversity of design and efficient communication are key to a good workflow in mahjong tile creation as well as in many premium products.

  • A dedicated team to ensure that information is effectively communicated to all customers requires a significant amount of time. 

  • Branding

  • Last of all, brands that are associated with the mahjong tile also add to the cost of the product.

With these 4 main considerations when creating a custom mahjong tile, the quality of these mahjong tiles are undisputed in quality and the best in the list. 

2. Ivory Sets: 

Ivory Mahjong sets are considered a luxury item. However, it's worth noting that the sale and trade of new ivory products are prohibited in many countries due to conservation concerns. If you come across an ivory set, ensure it is legal and ethically sourced.

3. Acrylic Sets:

Acrylic Mahjong sets are similar to plastic sets but are made from acrylic material. They are lightweight, durable, and often come in a wide range of vibrant colors. Acrylic sets are a popular choice for players who want a modern and visually appealing set.

4. Bone and Bamboo Sets: 

These traditional sets are made from bone and bamboo materials. The tiles are typically carved from bone and feature bamboo as the main design element. Bone and bamboo sets are highly regarded for their elegance and historical significance.

5. Bakelite Sets: 

Bakelite is a type of plastic that was popularly used for Mahjong sets in the past. Bakelite sets have a vintage charm and are known for their durability. (The type to appear in old Hong Kong movies.) They are a great option for collectors or players who appreciate retro aesthetics.

6. Plastic Sets: 

Plastic Mahjong sets are affordable and widely available. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. Plastic sets are a popular choice for beginners or casual players who want a budget-friendly option.

Factors to consider when choosing a Mahjong set

Ultimately, with these 6 types of mahjong sets introduced, finding the perfect Mahjong set involves considering several factors to ensure it meets your needs and preferences.


The material of the Mahjong set affects its durability, weight, and overall aesthetic. Consider whether you prefer traditional materials like bone and bamboo or modern materials like plastic or acrylic. Each material has its own unique characteristics, so choose one that aligns with your personal taste.


Mahjong sets come in various sizes, and it's important to choose one that suits your playing style and storage space. Standard Mahjong tiles are typically around 3 centimeters in height and 2 centimeters in width. However, larger tiles may be easier to handle for players with larger hands.


Mahjong sets can vary in terms of design, from intricate carvings to simple engravings or paintings. Consider the design elements that appeal to you, whether it's traditional Chinese motifs, modern patterns, or minimalist aesthetics. The design of the set can greatly impact your overall enjoyment of the game.


Mahjong sets can range in price from affordable to quite expensive, depending on the material, craftsmanship, and brand. Set a budget for yourself and look for options within that range. Remember that a higher price doesn't always guarantee better quality, research and read reviews before making a purchase.


Some Mahjong sets come with additional accessories such as dice, wind indicator tiles, and racks. Consider whether you want these extras included with your set or if you prefer to purchase them separately. Accessories can add convenience and authenticity to your Mahjong experience.

Customymahjong's Exclusive Collection of Mahjong Sets

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Furthermore, customers purchasing from us will enjoy a seamless experience, from selecting the tiles and materials to receiving updates throughout the delivery process.

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