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8 Reasons why you should start playing Mahjong

Why you should learn Mahjong!

Study shows that exercising and controlling diet promotes longevity. In fact, playing Mahjong could be one of the factors too! Here are 8 reasons why you should start playing Mahjong!

Fight Alzheimer

1. Fight Alzheimer / Dementia

Experts have been saying for many years now, that playing mahjong on a regular basis can help fight Alzhemier and slow down brain degeneration. This type of brain games are highly encouraged among the elderly as they have been seen to significantly improve the memory skills of those who had been suffering from degenerative brain disorders. Playing Mahjong requires a certain level of memory skills, such as tile setting, game rule and calculation. It is no wonder playing the game gives you a sharp memory. People playing these games are known to develop better cognitive strength even if they decide to break off playing for as long as a month. It is to no surprise that Mahjong has been found to preserve function and delay decline in elderly individuals with dementia, even in those with significant cognitive impairment.

Mind and Patience

2. Train your mind and patience

For young people, MJ is a great way to sharpen your mind and train your concentration skill. Get away from your repetitive day to day work and start playing MJ could help you make faster decisions and better observations.

Stay away from depression

3. Stay away from depression

If you need some distractions from the worries, try to hold a MJ game! It is easy to loosen your mood in the MJ game for a few hours from your worries.

Socialise and meet new friends

4. Get Socialized and meet new friends

Including you, it requires 3 other players to start a MJ game. This means that playing it requires you to develop social skills. Playing games is an ideal way of socializing with people. It is a brain game paving the way for developing better social relations and taking care of any ill effects arising out of bad memory problems. A full MJ game normally holds for a few hours. It is a great time for you to get updates or gossips from friends and family as they are going nowhere! Sometimes, you would play with strangers if your usual MJ kahki are busy. It is a great way to meet new friends and get to know each other. Some people might find the love of their life at the table too!

Family Relationship

5. Building Family Relationship

Playing MJ is a fun social activity among friends and family. It doesn’t matter how old you are, this brain games are sporty enough for everyone! People of all ages are welcome to play Mahjong. Encouraging children to play Mahjong is giving them an opportunity to enhance their concentration skills. The game is also an excellent child educational option. Mahjong game develop cognitive skills in all ages and require a person to be calculating, intelligent and make decision on every move with strategy. No matter if you are winning or losing, there is always laughter from the table.

New Hobby

6. Nurture a new hobby

It has been proven that keeping a hobby would help reduce stress and promote mental health. Playing MJ keeps your mind engaged and lets you work out new challenges. Create challenges in your MJ games and make use of this healthy hobby.

Energy boost

7. Get an energy boost

Sometimes we get exhausted from work and just want to stay in bed during weekends and holiday. MJ is a great activity that makes you get out of your bed and mingle with friends. You will definitely have an energy boost during the MJ game, especially when you get a ‘Hu’!

Save money

8. Save money and kill time

Most people go shopping or eating as a form of friends gathering or hang out. A MJ game can actually save you a lot from spending even more at restaurants and shopping temptation.

Share with us which are the reason(s) you love playing Mahjong!


All of the above are some resources we researched through various sources. There isn't any facts on the above pointers hence take this light-hearten and enjoy the game! The content reflect in the blog is authentic to the best of our knowledge, and as such, it might prone to errors and the absence of some key information.

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