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"Short of 1 leg, you coming?"

So, you know that we have a game tonight. You get ready, wash up and grab your most lucky 旺旺 Red color undergarments. We all do, because of mystique, rituals and superstitions beliefs.

Since all of us do it, isn't everyone as 旺 as each other?

Hence, we've prepared you a list of 6+1 tips to enhance your feng shui and luck at Mahjong Table!

1. Sit Facing the Main Door

If you happened to be the 东家 and able to choose a seat, choose the seat that is facing the entrance door. The most joyful is to "Welcome the God of Wealth" and the most taboo is to "Send the wealth of God'.

The facing of the gate/door is to "Welcome the Wealth of God" orientation, back facing it will means "to send the Wealth of God" orientation - leading you to lose money easily.

Therefore, it's advisable to sit facing the entrance door and avoid sitting with your back facing the main door.

2. Choose a seat that is not back-facing books cabinet / window

Mahjong Luck Tips

If you lean against a large window, it means that your back is empty - also means no support. Therefore, you would rather choose to lean against a solid wall instead of choosing "empty" window.

Leaning on a big books cabinet (大书柜) can mean a " (大输) big lose". Some people might think that the idea is not good. In fact for some people, they might think that the big bookcase itself might have little effect, but if it is too high of the books cabinet, anyone sitting in front of the cabinet will be affected by certain psychological pressure.

3. Do not sit directly underneath an overhead beam.

Sitting under a beam will unknowing be affect by the psychological pressure. The airflow around the beam will easily be blocked and easy to collide to the person sitting under the beam.

4. Do not choose the seat near to the toilet or back facing the toilet door

First of all, God of Wealth doesn't like this position, naturally God of Wealth doesn't like to be near you too because the position might be smelly. In addition, this position have the tenancy to have passerby walking behind you. Tends to have the sign of money leaking.

5. Make sure you're seated on a well lit seat. A bright light directly above you brings you good luck as long as it is not glaring.

Many people wonder why is it necessary to have a Mahjong lamp when playing Mahjong even the room is brightly lit. It turned out that Mahjong cannot be played in a dark environment.

As scary as it can be explained, it is a game played with the help of the 'ghosts/spirits'. In addition to the soul on the tiles itself, it is to prevent anything horrible from happening. The lamp works as "浩天镜", what we known as a mirror of light to face the soul of the spirit and not letting it do anything evil.

6. The state of mind and the tile is in direct proportion

Playing Mahjong, if you can do more kung fu pattern in the internal cause, plus the effect of external aid, you can play a good effect. But if there is recent depression, conflict and quarrel with people, and so on, this represents a state of mind in bad condition, hence is not suitable to play mahjong.

When a person is unlucky to carry the pressure In their head, it is difficult to get the wealth of God and good luck.

Therefore, when the mood is bad and low, should not often participate in mahjong, gambling and other activities.

(Bonus) 7. Do not allow anyone to stand/sit on your right as this brings bad luck. An observer on your left is acceptable.

This is a bonus point to take note thru our "Hear Say Theory". As the oldies say, 左青龙,右白虎. You wouldn't want a tiger to stand beside you. This could add extra unseen pressure while you play.


All of the above are some resources we researched through various sources. There isn't any facts on the above pointers hence take this light-hearten and enjoy the game! The content reflect in the blog is authentic to the best of our knowledge, and as such, it might prone to errors and the absence of some key information.

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