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Introduction to "Fei" 飛 in Mahjong

Want to be Huang '飛' Hong and soar through the mahjong battlefield? Here is an introduction guide on how to use 飛 to spice up your mahjong sessions.

Fei, 飛 is a special wild tile which can be used to represent any tile to form a set. It is not commonly use in Singapore context but is very popular among Malaysia setting. But if you're keen to spice up your usual Mahjong game, this blog is to give you an basic introduction rules before you start integrating 飛 to your mahjong game.

1) Using to 碰 "PONG"!

You can use a FEI to PONG other players’ discarded card. However,

  • In the case of 2 player who decide to PONG at the same time, the one who PONG without the help of FEI get to PONG instead of the player with the fly.

  • If you draw a same tile with the one you already PONG with FEI (and have revealed it in front of you), you may replace the revealed FEI that you have already PONG with the tile you draw and place the FEI back to your concealed tiles. Scenario:

  • (1) PONG FA () with 1 FEI. (Reveal it on the table infront of your stack of tiles)

  • (2) Go one round, draw 1 more FA.

  • (3) Replace the FEI on the revealed tiles with the FA you just draw.

  • You may use 2 FEI to PONG a tile discard by other player.

  • You cannot PONG with 3 FEI.

2) Using to 吃 "CHI"!

  • You can use only 1 FEI to CHI other player discard tile.

  • You cannot use 2 FEI to CHI other player discard tile , it will consider as a PONG.

3) Using as 眼睛 "EYE"!

If you have 2 FEI in your concealed stack of tiles, you can use it as a form of EYE to HU (胡)!

4) Using as (a) TAI (台) !

(This is Optional) In some game, players like to add 1 TAI if any player have 1 FEI in their stack of tiles. Therefore, in such cases they prefer to maximumly requires at least 2 TAI or 3 TAI to game for this reason.

5) Lastly, you can't use it to GANG (杠) !

Disclaimer: As the ways to play the 飛 tile vary, the indicated rules stated are for reference only. The final rules should be mutually agreed by all players before playing. Let us know how do you play the 飛 tile in the comments below 👇🏻

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