why customize?

We specialize in the conceptualization and production of Fully customized, one of a Kind, Mahjong Tiles and Playing chips. Be prepared to WOW your friends and family with a gift fully tailored to reflect the recipient's Hobbies, Experiences or things they Love.


Get this as the Perfect gift of any occasion for your Mahjong Crazed friends. Rarely will a gift be both practical and yet special, to reflect the individualism of the owner every time we are playing Mahjong! ⁠Chat with us to customize a set for yourself or your loved ones.

Quality control

Quality is of the utmost importance for our products, therefore we would review all our products before it goes into the arms of our delighted customers.

We believe that heart goes into the planning of each of our Customer's Customized Mahjong Set, and thus we would ensure that we do not disappoint with the product.

package prices

Getting a Customized Mahjong set is not just a purchase, at CustoMy Mahjong, we have made it into an experience. Each Design is on the forefront of this experience as we conceptualize for our customers based on everyone's unique preferences.

We believe that boring plain Mahjong tiles are of the past and we aim to delight our customers and their friends with their very own CustoMy-Zed Mahjong Sets!

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Playing Chips w/ Case


Order with Mahjong Set: $50 Customized Chips / $50 Customized Chips Case

A la Carte Order: $65 Customised Chips / $65 Customised Chips Case